Healthy Authentic Meals is an online business that provides freshly cooked Authentic West African dishes for home delivery.  All our meals are prepared with fresh ingredients and cooked fresh to order.  We do the hard work so that you and your loved ones can focus on more important things.

Founder Ekua Acquah has always had a passion for healthy tasty food ever since she started helping her mother in the Kitchen as a young child.  As is the custom of her culture, at an early age, Ekua will join her mother and the other females of the house as they prepared meals for the family. 

You will agree that increasing awareness of healthy eating has prompted consumers to become more concerned about additives and nutritional issues.  HAM proposes traditional methods of cooking Ghanaian food which utilises slow cooking methods, gluten free ingredients and zero additives and preservatives.  The simplicity of our cooking methods coupled with the traditional West African slow cooking processes ensures that important nutrients and flavours are retained while allergens are eliminated or minimised.    

We offer a wide variety of MENU including Chicken, Meat, Snacks, Beverages, Seafood and Vegan so there is a meal for everyone.  We also provide a selection for Meal Boxes including Weekly lunch pack.  We can deliver to your home, your office and you can also order to be delivered to friends, families or loved ones. 

Enjoy our gorgeous authentic meals and let us know what you think