Planning an event? Spice up your menu with delicious and healthy meals, soups and snacks based on traditional West African recipes.  We cater for all events including children parties, private bash, weddings, barbecues etc.  You can choose from any of our PRODUCTSSo if you fancy a change or want to try something new, please contact us.  Tasters available.

We provides personalised meals to cater for most dietary needs, the most common being Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten free and Lactose free. We can provide Halal chicken, beef & lamb upon request.

  • GLUTEN FREE DIET – HAM does not add thickness containing gluten to any meat, seafood or vegetable dish. HAMS snacks are made with plantain, cassava or potato starch flours

  • ALLERGIES – HAM can prepare and adapt recipes so that the most common allergies such as Wheat, Nuts, fish, shellfish soy, eggs and diary products are eliminated.